What to expect from the thriller “Lost and Found” with Alvaro Morte: review, video

What to expect from the thriller “Lost and Found” with Alvaro Morte: review, video

Updated: 13 days, 8 hours, 4 minutes, 37 seconds ago

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The thriller “Lost and Found” (Objetos) was released in Ukraine, the main role in which is played by Alvaro Morte, who became popular after playing the role of Professor in series “Paper House”. Focus visited the premiere and tells what to expect the audience, what secret will be revealed in the Bureau and what are the shortcomings.


For our infantile hero, this civilizational dump is a kind of romantic treasure hunt, where he, like Indiana Jones, looks for rare items, antique lamps, toys, repairs them and enjoys result.

But one day an expensive suitcase falls on his table, in which the remains of a child are found. The police are not involved in the next “hanging”. And Mario, with the help of police officer Helena (with whom he sometimes spends long evenings), begins an independent investigation.

Another oddity of the plot is that the police did not seize either the suitcase or its contents – clothes, old documents – from the bureau. With their help, our newly-minted detective restores the first link in the chain, the second … And as a result, he will come across a large bandit group that uses prostitutes and sells children.

A little bit of “Indian cinema”

Then there will be great love for a girl with low social responsibility Sarah (an incredibly beautiful Argentinean actress Maria Eugenia Suarez Rivero, also known as the girlfriend of PSG star Icardi). Which will lead Mario even to distant Mexico, where the base of the cartel for child trafficking is located. Here, for some reason, the same passports stored in the lost property office, which are also valid for customs, will significantly help the hero.

In general, towards the end of the movie, it becomes more and more incredible, and our hero blossoms into a macho. I didn't get to Banderas, of course, but there were attempts.

At one of the most critical moments, some soapy Bollywood breaks through.

The main character takes aim and is preparing to shoot at the deputy main villain, part-time pimp. At this moment, the protagonist's former prostitute and new love screams: “He's my brother!” I don’t know about the tragedy of the situation, but I crawled with laughter. All this against the background of the fact that Mario, with a bullet in his stomach, ran for half a day and left the chase in a car.

I am glad that, nevertheless, the ending of Lost and Found returned at the last moment “to its homeland”, to the paradigm of European cinema. But you can see it yourself.

Lost and Found: a strong middle peasant with four titles

As a result, we have a strong action movie for one good evening. By the way, with completely different translations of the title: Bureau of Knowledge in Ukrainian box office, Keeper of Secrets in Russian translation, Lost & Found – “Lost and Found” in English and Objetos – “Objects” – the original name in Spanish.

Alvaro Morte played well, gradually revealing the secret of the hero and transferring him from a certain life apathy to action, from indifference – to protect a new love. Not less than 7 out of 10. More scenario and did not expect. And plot blunders, of course, reduce the overall rating of the film to 6 points.

In addition to our favorite “Professor”, as already written, you can admire the game of Maria Eugenia Suarez Rivero. And also, those who remember the Spanish creative horror film “Platform” will definitely recognize one of the main characters – actor Sorion Eguileor.

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