Ukraine: Bombs in Zaporizhzhya hit an oncology center in Kherson – World

Ukraine: Bombs in Zaporizhzhya hit an oncology center in Kherson – World

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Again, throughout the night, the Nikopol district in the area of ​​the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant was under Russian bombs. Damaged gas pipelines and electricity networks. There were no injuries but dozens of buildings were hit, including homes and farm buildings. Again, the reading of Moscow’s strategy in Ukraine starts from the ground: The Russians are waiting to strike a heavy blow to the frozen country, according to Mykhailo Podolyak, head of the Presidential Office in Kyiv. “Now it seems to me that Russia’s tactics have changed a little: they are waiting for the temperature to drop to minus ten degrees, and that’s when they want to deal a hard blow to Ukraine. They want to freeze us,” Podoliak said.

While in Kherson the dream seems endless: the region was 28 bomb blasts in 24 hours And the oncology center also ended up in Russian fire. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov retweeted images of the international airport destroyed by the Russian military on Twitter, while an evacuation plan scheduled for December 5 resumed for Kherson residents still in the Left Bank. Dnipro River.

However, the fighters of the special unit “Carlson”. Raised the Ukrainian flag on the left bank of the Kherson region. The announcement was made late in the evening by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Ukrinform reports, after Kiev’s army liberated the city of Kherson on the right bank of the Dnipro on November 15. The flag of Ukraine hangs on the tower crane.

Moving forward was British intelligence, according to which the Russian army’s plan was at this time Around Pakmut city, in Donetsk Oblast, is investing the bulk of its overall military effort and continues to invest firepower in a roughly 15-kilometer sector of the front line. In recent days, Russia may have made some progress on the southern axis, where it is trying to consolidate the bridges that are limited to the west of the marshland around the Pakmutka River and has prioritized Pakmut. As London 007 reports, capturing Bagmut has become a symbolic and political goal for Moscow.

But Kiev Podoliak’s answers: “Kremlin Removes Thousands of Prisoners, Prisoners, Mercenaries and Soldiers in Its Neighborhood” Bagmut “It is of no strategic importance. They are only doing it to show that they can do something more” but “they won’t do it: forget Bagmuth and prepare for court in Yalta”.

Meanwhile, when The Kremlin announces the possibility of a “timely” visit by Vladimir PutinSatellite images released by the BBC show Moscow in particular strengthening its military presence. In MariupolThe port city was captured in the last months, where he builds A new large military base. Photos show a new U-shaped complex near the city center: the red, white and blue star of the Russian army on the roof with the inscription “From the Russian army to the people of Mariupol”.

Moscow’s forces besieged the city for nearly three months at the beginning of the war and left the city largely in ruins. Ukrainian officials estimate that 90% of infrastructure has been destroyed by Russian bombing and new satellite images show that Moscow has begun demolishing many residential buildings that are unusable and beyond repair. The Ukrainian city is strategically important to Moscow as part of its “land bridge” linking Russia with annexed Crimea.

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