SBS News in Easy English 22 November 2022

SBS News in Easy English 22 November 2022

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The Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, has made an announcement with the Premier of New South Wales Dominic Perrottet.

They have announced a Disaster Recovery Fund for people affected by floods.

Small businesses and non-profit organisations can ask for as much as 50,000.


There is also disaster relief payments for residents of one thousand dollar one time.

Mr Albanese says this is a large support.

"I understand that people would regard that whatever support is given, that it's really tough and that people are doing it tough. We're providing whatever support that we can. We're providing support for individuals, we're providing support for small businesses, for not-for-profits, as well as providing support for local government."

The federal government keeps trying to change the law on workplace relations.

It will face an inquiry at the Senate.

The decision depends on crossbencher senators, which means senators who are neither liberal nor labor.

The most likely crossbencher senator to vote for the law is the Independent Senator David Pocock.

But he has said he does not support the present version of the bill and he wants it to change more.

"I want to get this right. It affects too many Australians. Too many workers, too many small businesses. My priority has been working through the detail, consulting. As I've said to the government over and over, 85, 90 per cent of this bill would pass in the senate. It has my support. It's the last details with some really serious and valid concerns being raised."

A new survey says three in four aged care workers want to quit their jobs in the next six months if they are not paid more.

The Health Services Union says a recent 15 per cent increase to their pay by the Commission isn't high enough and has called for a 25 per cent increase.

The Union president Gerard Hayes says the aged care workforce are not paid enough for the vital job they perform.

In Indonesia, rescuers are trying to reach survivors trapped under rubble after an earthquake killed more than 160 people.

It was a 5.6-magnitude earthquake in the province of West Java.

Hundreds have been injured, and thousands of homes and buildings were destroyed.

Authorities are searching for at least 25 trapped people.

This injured resident is praying for the safe return of one of her missing children.

"I have seven children, and one of them hasn't been found. The child hasn't been found, sir. Yes, they were in the house. The children were downstairs and I was upstairs getting laundry. Everything collapsed beneath me, and I was crushed beneath this child. One of my kids is still missing. My house is flattened. Good God... Two of my kids survived, I dug them up, and this one. Two others I brought here, and one is still missing."

The World Health Organisation is warning millions of Ukranians face a "life-threatening" winter.

Russian forces are still targeting critical infrastructure.

Residents are being evacuated from Kherson and Mykolaiv, because Ukrainian authorities fear they will lack heat, power and water.

Dr Hans Henri Kluge is the WHO's regional director for Europe, and he warns the energy crisis will have a devastating impact.

"The devastating energy crisis, the deepening mental health emergency, constraints on humanitarian access and the risk of viral infections will make this winter a formidable test for the Ukraine health system and the Ukrainian people, but also for the world and its commitment to support Ukraine. Continued attacks on health and energy infrastructure mean hundreds of hospitals and healthcare facilities are no longer fully operational."

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