'Romantic gestures take many forms': Ukraine airs video asking France for more weapons

'Romantic gestures take many forms': Ukraine airs video asking France for more weapons

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Screengrab from the video showing French President Emmanuel Macron and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky.

Ukraine's defence ministry sought to woo France recently with a mock love video, urging its ally to send more weapons as a "romantic gesture" to fight against the Russian invasion.

"Romantic gestures take many forms," reads the text in the video posted to the ministry's Twitter account, opening with footage of pink roses, milk chocolate and a sunset over the Seine river.

Sophie Marceau… Isabelle Adjani… Brigitte Bardot…

Emmanuel Macron! … and CAESARs!

pic.twitter.com/JQDmAO6cjH— Defense of Ukraine (@DefenceU) October 12, 2022

"But if you really want to win our hearts," it adds before cutting to images of large guns in action, "nothing beats 155-mm highly mobile self-propelled artillery".

The unusual plea is set to Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg's hit Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus and has received close to 2 million views on Twitter.

Here are a few reactions:

Les Ukrainiens protègent toute l'Europe au prix de leur sang pendant que nous on a juste le prix de l'électricité qui augmente.

Envoyez plus d'armes lourdes @EmmanuelMacron— Timon (@Aellynd) October 12, 2022

I love this video so much but now I'm just jealous that we haven't received a love video. Pick up the pace Ukraine

— Moo (@EagerBuffalo) October 12, 2022

I'm French. OK to help you but, sorry to say that, this kind of propaganda romanticizing war (and adding humour) is very inappropriate ! It is not well perceived in France.

War is a tragedy. Don't make fun of it.

— ZeTetic (@BretonLorrain) October 12, 2022

The "romantic" gesture comes as Ukraine urges Western nations to help bolster its air defences after a rash of deadly Russian air strikes in recent days.

French President Emmanuel Macron last week said the country would send Ukraine six truck-mounted Caesar guns, on top of the 18 it has already shipped over.

The Caesar is a 155-mm howitzer mounted on a six-wheeled truck chassis, capable of firing shells at ranges of more than 40 kilometres (25 miles) and then shifting position before the enemy can locate them and fire back.

In French, the ministry's video thanks France for its support.

It shows a photo of Macron and Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky shaking hands in the manner of an arm wrestle, taken on a June visit to Kyiv, and then makes its final plea in English.

"Please send us more," it says, to the backdrop of France's blue, white and red flag.

In addition to howitzers, French military shipments to Ukraine have included anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, armoured personnel carriers, fuel, and infantry gear.

But the country has been criticised for its relatively low level of spending on Ukraine's defence.

French defence officials have argued that France's stocks of heavy weapons are limited, and that Paris cannot provide more without leaving national security exposed.

(With inputs from AFP)

(With inputs from AFP)

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