Poland missile strike: Witness heard two 'powerful' whistling noises before pals killed

Poland missile strike: Witness heard two 'powerful' whistling noises before pals killed

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Two people died - reportedly two men in their 60s - after missiles of unknown origin pummelled a farm in Przewodow - a village just three miles from the Ukrainian border

A villager living at the site of a suspected Russian missile attack in NATO member state Poland has shared the horrifying moments rockets rained down and killed two of his pals.

Two people died following an explosion in Przewodow - a village just three miles from the border with Ukraine.

It's currently unknown whether the blast that rocked the farm yesterday at around 3.40pm was caused by a Russian rocket.

Poland says the missiles are "most probably" Russian issue but investigators are working to verify their origin today.

Russia has denied any involvement, blaming Ukraine and state commentators suggesting it could've been the result of a Western conspiracy instead.

Whoever the missile was fired by, locals have shared the shock they felt as the missiles pummelled their small village on Monday.

Stansilaw Iwanejko lamented as he recalled losing his 60 and 62-year-old friends in the explosion, one of whom he'd known since childhood.

The men were hit while bringing corn into the farm from the field yesterday.

Mr Iwanejko said they had lived and worked in the area for their entire lives.

Recalling the explosion itself, he said he didn't see it but heard two strange whistles as if something was flying over his barn.


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"It was very loud, a thousand decibels," Mr Iwanejko added.

He said he and other locals no longer feel safe in the area after the strike.

Another man told the outlet how he quickly threw on some clothes and ran to the site after he heard "powerful whistles" as if rockets were flying close by.

A woman described as panicked said: "'There were two bangs, sir! I'm scared. What happens now?!'"


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Another witness said that glass windows were smashed out of a nearby block of flats and cars after the strike.

Emergency services are still working in the area where the incident occurred. Tracks are collected and drones fly over the area. The police cordon stands 150 meters in front of the plant.

It comes as a leaked report from Germany's top military brass contends that a Russian invasion of Europe is at breaking point - and at its most likely since 1945.

The document urges Germany to prepare itself for war or face being wiped off the map.

The Ukraine crisis continues to simmer with Poland saying that a Russian-made missile fell in the east of the country killing two people - although US President Joe Biden said it was "unlikely" to have been fired from Vladimir Putin's army.

But if Russia did attack a NATO country then it would lead to a united response from the treaty members to repel it.

And German military leaders have said that the country needs to be better prepared as they believe this possibility of a European invasion is at its highest since World War Two.

This is according to confidential documents that have been leaked to the German publication Der Spiegel.

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