NPR's most anticipated video games of 2023

NPR's most anticipated video games of 2023

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2023 would be a notable year for video games on the strength of a Tears of the Kingdom release alone. But that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild follow-up isn't the only massive title delayed by the pandemic to have a credible release date in the coming months. Here are the games our staff most look forward to, in order of when they (should) come out.

Fire Emblem Engage (January 20th)

I played Fire Emblem: Three Houses twice all the way through, savoring each character's dialogue and obsessively tracking their relationships with each other. This entrylooks more brash and candy-colored, but if it delivers the tactical depth and quality cast I'm hoping for, I'll be well-engaged indeed. -James Mastromarino, Join the Game editor and Here & Now producer

Forspoken (January 24th)

It's been a long time since Square Enix debuted a brand new IP, and I'm hoping Forspoken will bring a fresh twist to the action RPG genre. It's developed by Luminous Productions, which was assembled from the team that worked on Final Fantasy XV — a game I loved for its beautiful environments, snappy gameplay, and overall charm. Forspoken also gathered formidable writing and soundtrack talent, including Bear McCreary, who just won Best Score and Music at The Game Awards for God of War Ragnarök. Amy Hennig, one of the main writers, lead the 150-person team behind the legendary Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Long story short, Forspoken has a lot going for it, and if it all comes together, I'll have a great time playing it. -Andy Bickerton, Senior Digital Analyst

Dead Space (January 27)

Dead Space upped the game for space survival horror all the way back in 2008. With visual enhancements and other quality of life improvements, I can only hope this remake of Isaac Clarke's harrowing journey lives up to the original. -Bryant Denton, Grove Support Associate for Member Partnership

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