Morning roundup: G20 summit starts, possible Trump announcement and Christmas market opens on Friday

Morning roundup: G20 summit starts, possible Trump announcement and Christmas market opens on Friday

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The RTL Today Radio News team brings you the latest news headlines for Tuesday, 15 November


COP27 LUXEMBOURG - Luxembourg’s Environment Minister is in Egypt for the World Climate Conference today. Joëlle Welfring is taking  part in the talks at the highest political level. She is expected to say that despite the Ukraine war, energy security must not come at the expense of climate protection. On finance, Luxembourg believes that more solidarity with developing countries affected by climate change is necessary.

LUXEMBOURG CHILDREN - The situation of children and young people in Luxembourg is the subject in the chamber this morning. The ombudsman for children and young people, Charel Schmit is presenting his annual report, in which the situation of Ukrainian refugee children is also highlighted.

LUXEMBOURG CHRISTMAS - Luxembourg City Mayor Lydie Polfer has confirmed that the annual Winterlights Festival will once again take place, including three festive markets in different locations of the capital. The Winterlights Festival will last from this Friday to the 8 January 2023. There will be a Christmas market on Place d'Armes, a winter market on Place de la Constitution, and a St Nicholas market on Place de Paris.


G20 BALI - The meeting of the G20 group of largest economies has got underway in Bali with a warning that the world is facing crisis after crisis. In his opening address, the Indonesian President Joko Widodo said the war in Ukraine was impacting food, energy and financial security, with developing countries worst hit. The President of Ukraine Volodymr Zelensky has addressed the summit via videolink. He called for the immediate withdrawal of all Russian forces from his country. He also said there was no excuse for what he called Russian nuclear blackmail.

TRUMP ANNOUNCEMENT - Former President Donald Trump is expected to officially launch another White House bid tonight. Talking earlier this month about a possible comeback he said, “very, very, very probably.” He is refusing calls from within his own Republican party to fade away after his loyalists underperformed in this year's midterm elections.

AMAZON LAYOFFS -Amazon is set to lay off around 10,000 employees, according to multiple reports, representing the company's biggest round of job cuts ever.  In January 2022, Amazon employed 3,960 people in Luxembourg, its European headquarters and over 1.6 million people worldwide.

EU BUDGET 2023 - The EU budget for next year has been agreed. 186 billion euros can be planned for 2023. It was a last minute agreement. If an agreement had not been reached by midnight, the EU Commission would have had to propose a new budget.

UN POPULATION - The UN has announced the global population has hit 8 billion. Demographers chose today to mark the milestone, although it could have been reached a year or two on either side. Half of the next billion is expected to come just from 8 countries, 5 of them in Africa.


ICE SKATING BAN - the Court of Arbitration for Sport has announced it will decide the fate of Russian figure skating prodigy Kamila Valieva, who won Olympic gold after having allegedly used a banned substance.Aged 15, she produced a dazzling performance in the team event at the 2022 Winter Games before it was revealed she had failed a drugs test before the Olympics.The International Olympic Committee allowed her to compete in the individual final but her tearful meltdown on the ice became the biggest story of the Games.

OLYMPICS MASCOT - A conical red cap (a phrygian cap), the symbol of the French republic but wearing sneakers as a nod to the present has been unveiled on Monday as the mascot for the 2024 Paris Olympics. The Paralympic mascot is different in that one of the legs is a runner's blade.The Paris Games organisers defended the fact that the toy replicas of the mascot are almost all made in China, "like the great majority of toys sold in France."

FOOTBALL RONALDO - Manchester United have said  they were "considering their response" to an interview given by star forward Cristiano Ronaldo where he said he felt "betrayed" by the club.The five-time Ballon d'Or winner has been a peripheral figure on the field for United since Erik ten Hag took charge as manager in May.


The morning will grace us with a familiar fog, turning to cloud as the day goes on. While we might see the odd ray of sunshine break through what will largely be a dry afternoon, conditions will turn wet with rain showers forecast as the evening sets in.Morning temperatures will start off at 6-8°C, rising to 9-11°C in the afternoon.

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