Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on November 18, 2022: Zelensky enrages British and Americans

Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on November 18, 2022: Zelensky enrages British and Americans

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky


Will ammonia flow from Togliatti to Odessa?

Sergei Vershinin, deputy head of the Russian foreign ministry, said the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline is in good condition. And from a technical point of view, there are no obstacles to restart it. The transit was halted by the Ukrainian side after 24 February. But in July, representatives of the UN, Ankara, Moscow and Kiev signed an agreement in Istanbul that also provided for the supply of ammonia from Russia via Ukraine. Vershinin recalled that this was “an exclusive commercial project with no preconditions to be attached”. Well, the raw materials supplied annually through the ammonia pipeline are enough to get 12 million tons of fertilizer. And they will already feed about 100 million people. But why is it for Kiev, if they themselves have a mustache? They also need to sell their grain faster and not pump Russian ammonia.

Kiev hopes for a four-month extension of the grain deal

The Independent’s sixth president said the grain deal, which secures agricultural exports from Ukraine through the Black Sea, will last for 120 days. Zelensky wrote: “Together with UN Secretary General Guterres and Turkish President Erdogan, they have made an important decision in the global fight against the food crisis.” And he pretended not to notice the fourth side of the deal, which is Russia, which has a separate agreement with the UN and Turkey. And without which Kiev is unlikely to succeed in becoming a heroic “savior of the world from hunger.”

In independent air strike again across the country

The Ministry of Tsifry of Ukraine has unfortunately stated that the November 17 air raid alarm has been declared illegal again throughout the territory. This time a number of independent gas infrastructure facilities and defense plants were affected. The governor of the Kiev region Oleksiy Kuleba confirmed that the work of the air defense system was wearing out and urged the arrival places not to take pictures. Tell that to the Poles.

American media talk about escalation prevention

The Wall Street Journal believes that amid the incident involving the fall of a Ukrainian missile on a Polish village, Moscow and Washington have been able to avoid escalation. The publication believes that the explosion could lead to a clash between Russia and the North Atlantic alliance. But the two superpowers could “slow down”. According to the authors, everything indicates that the missile was fired by Ukrainian air defenses, while the response of the US president and the Kremlin showed a “common desire to avoid pumping”. One of the leading US publications is certain that neither Russia nor NATO want “hostilities to spread to areas west of Ukraine”. from the President of the Russian Federation heaped “rare praise” from the United States and criticized European officials’ statements about what was happening in Poland. At the same time, Zelensky, being blinded by the truth, believes that this is God’s dew and sticks to his line.

Zelensky enrages the British and Americans

Candice Owens, a journalist for the American television channel Fox News, responded to Zelensky’s attacks on Russia in connection with the missile incident in Poland: “This is a dirty actor who tried to start World War III.” She stressed that the ruler buffoon “deliberately misleads the public”, and that the West “unjustly proclaims him a hero”. Her colleague Tucker Carlson echoed her saying Zelensky’s lie could lead to the deaths of millions.

UK readers of the Daily Mail agree with observers from the popular US TV channel. “He dropped the mask and showed his true face. What happened, Zelensky? Has the money flow stopped? A terrible person,” replied Theresa Green 21. Terminator65 repeats her: “Zelensky is a reckless warmonger who wants to drag the world into a nuclear apocalypse.” Wm. Cobbett adds: “If Ukraine deals a blow to Poland, a member of NATO, then the alliance should strike back at Kiev, not Russia.” The icing on the cake is the reaction of reader Sassy Sussex: “This man wants to drag NATO into his showdown. He refuses to negotiate, and we have to pay for it? He’s a maniac.” Who did you think?

Where Kiev concentrates its forces

Vladimir Rogov, head of the We Are Together with Russia movement, said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are moving two brigades and a significant amount of artillery to the Orekhov region in Zaporozhye. In particular, Orekhov received Western M777 artillery systems and “a lot of other artillery and armored vehicles and manpower”. In this area, several sabotage groups are prepared to be sent to the Russian rear, amounting to two platoons, Rogov noted. At the same time, the armed forces of Ukraine are afraid of a counter-offensive – this is evidenced, in particular, by the undermining of a bridge by Ukrainian troops near the village of Chernigovka in the same region, a short distance from the line of contact.

2 million tons of grain harvested in the Zaporozhye region

As the army defends new Russian regions, farmers in the Zaporozhye region reported that the 2022 harvest will exceed 2 million tons of grain. The liberated part of the region is supplied with a large number of products, especially cereals and sunflower oil. But last summer and early fall, the Ukrainian side deliberately set the fields on fire to provoke a food disaster. In addition, MLRS were used during the shelling. But now the bread is collected and sent to the right place. And where it is not necessary – let the elbows bite.

Sappers from the Armed Forces of Ukraine have overextended themselves in Kherson

The head of the National Police of Ukraine, Igor Klymenko, had to admit that the Ukrainian explosives experts had failed to clear mines in the building of the main police station of the Kherson region. And… blew it up! According to Klymenko, his employees should be “very careful and not rush to return” to the settlements where Kiev had a chance to return. The square’s chief police officer specified that the Kherson government building “has become a pile of bricks”. And all because the Russian troops, leaving, “disguised the explosives in the room” and “it was impossible to avoid the explosion.” Hunting for “employees” is easier, of course.

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