Headlines — November 7

Headlines — November 7

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North Korea fires more missiles as US flies bombers over SouthTwo U.S. Air Force B-1B bombers flew over South Korea in the last days of a joint air drill called “Vigilant Storm.”

US, Netherlands go Dutch to refurbish Czech tanks for Ukraine
The U.S. and Netherlands are splitting the cost of refurbishing 90 more Czech T-72B tanks for Ukraine in Kyiv’s fight to repel Russia, the Pentagon announced Nov. 4.

US nudges Kyiv to ease negotiation stance; Zelensky calls out Iran on drones
U.S. officials are privately pushing Kyiv to reconsider its stance against talking to Russian President Vladimir Putin, though not necessarily to negotiate.

Pentagon announces another $400 million in military aid to Ukraine, establishes headquarters in Germany to handle shipments and training
An additional $400 million in U.S. aid for Ukraine will pay for more weapons and vehicles, including older Soviet-made tanks from the 1960s, to help Ukrainian troops fight off Russian forces, the Defense Department announced Nov. 4.




Australia to buy Lockheed aircraft amid mounting tensions with China
The State Department cleared more than $6 billion in possible foreign military sales to Australia as tensions mount with China over a plan to station U.S. nuclear-capable bombers in the southern Indo-Pacific country.

Boeing’s $14 billion Indonesia jet deal stalls over financing
Boeing’s proposed sale of 36 new F-15 fighter jets and equipment to Indonesia has hit a snag over financing, according to people familiar with the matter.

Bulgarian parliament votes to buy F-16s under $1.3 billion deal
Bulgarian lawmakers have voted to approve the purchase of eight F-16C/D Block 70 fighter jets for the country’s Air Force. The forthcoming acquisition is to be worth close to $1.3 billion.



Marines still oppose integrated boot camp platoons after $2M study
The Corps isn’t following the recommended path, amid fears that total integration will cause it to lose its competitive edge for making the best warriors.

Soldiers are finally getting a ‘robotic mule’ to haul all their heavy sh*t for them
Kiss all that garbage you’re forced to ruck with goodbye.

Why aircraft carriers are no longer a constant in the Middle East
After decades of a continuous flattop presence in the region, priorities are changing.

Space Force’s secretive X-37B plane has spent more than 900 days in orbit
The small space plane has been conducting a series of experiments from the upper atmosphere for the last two years.




Analysts predict more vets in Congress next year after midterm wins
Officials from the non-partisan Veterans Campaign are predicting the number of veterans serving in Congress will increase following the results of the upcoming congressional midterm elections, based on the number of candidates running in winnable races.

40 years later, Vietnam Veterans Memorial stands as lasting statement on war and remembrance
President Ronald Reagan wasn’t coming because of what the White House called “security concerns” and so it fell to a veteran who had been a prisoner of war for more than eight years to represent the administration at the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Nov. 11, 1982.

Finalists in $20 million VA suicide prevention competition showcase proposals
A website for Native American veterans to participate in traditional talking circles and storytelling with trusted elders. An app that locks a gun safe for a preset amount of time or requires a second person to approve opening it. A virtual reality headset for veterans on both sides of the justice system — guards and inmates — to use when they’re stressed or depressed.

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