FNE at IDFF Ji.hlava 2022: Full List of Winners

FNE at IDFF Ji.hlava 2022: Full List of Winners

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JIHLAVA: The French production 07:15 – Blackbird by Judith Auffray won the Opus Bonum Award in the main competition of the 26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival , held 25 – 30 October 2022. Deserters directed by Croatian Damir Markovina received the Best Central and East European Film award in the same Opus Bonum competition.

Over 300 films screened in the competition and sidebar sections of the festival, including 95 world premieres, 33 international premieres and six European premieres.

The festival will continue online for the Czech audience till 13 October 2022.

The main supporters of the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival in 2022 were the Czech Ministry of Culture, the Czech Film Fund, the Jihlava City and the Vysočina Region.


Opus Bonum Competition:

Opus Bonum Award:
07:15 – Blackbird (France)
Directed by Judith Auffray

Best Central and East European Film:
Deserters (Croatia)
Directed by Damir Markovina

Best Editing:
Over Our Hills (Switzerland)
Directed by Mateo Ybarra

Best Cinematography:
07:15 - Blackbird (France)

Best Debut Film:
Bloom (Canada)
Directed by Fanie Pelletier

Best Original Approach:
Greater Gospel (Spain)
Directed by Javier Codesal

Best Sound Design:
Deserters (Croatia)

Students Jury Award:
Over Our Hills (Switzerland)

Czech Joy Competition:

Czech Joy Award:
Kapr Code (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
Directed by Lucie Králová

Special Mention:
The Visitors (Czech Republic, Norway, Slovakia)
Directed by Veronika Lišková

Best Editing:
a-B-C-D-e-F-G-H-i-JONESTOWN (Czech Republic)
Directed by Jan Bušta

Best Cinematography:
Found by the One She Seeks (Czech Republic)
Directed by Petr Michal

Students Jury Award:
Happily Ever After (Czech Republic)
Directed by Jana Počtová

Testimonies Competition:

Best Film:
Into the Weeds: Dewayne "Lee" Johnson vs Monsanto Company (Canada)
Directed by Jennifer Baichwal

Special Mention:
Rojek (Canada)
Directed by Zaynê Akyol

Special Mention:
Atlantic Ragagar (Switzerland)
Directed by Gilles Aubry

Fascinations Competition:

Best Experimental Documentary Film:
The Sound of Time ( Italy, Brazil, Venezuela)
Directed by JeissyTrompiz

Special Mention:
Spectrum Restoration (Brazil)
Directed by Felippe Mussel

Special Mention:
The Geometry of the Hunter (South Korea)
Directed by Soh Boram

Fascinations: Exprmntl.cz Competition:

Best Czech Experimental Film:
Glasswork (Czech Republic)
Directed by Zdeněk Picpauer

Special Mention:
Kambium 1492 (Slovakia)
Directed by Peter Kašpar, Denis Kozerawski

Special Mention:
The Landscape of Ashes (Czech Republic)
Directed by Eliška Plechatová

Audience Award:
Happily Ever After (Czech Republic)

Contribution to World Cinema Award:
Dušan Hanák

Short Joy:

Best Short Documentary Film:
Blue Bed (Belgium)
Directed by Lize Cuveele

Best Virtual Reality:

Missing Pictures Episode 2: Tsai Ming-liang, The Seven-Story Building (France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, South Korea, Taiwan)
Directed by Kuan-Yuan Lai, Clement Deneux

Special Mention:
From the Main Square (Germany)
Directed by Pedro Harres

Silver Eye Awards (Awarded by the Institute of Documentary Film, IDF):

Love Is Not an Orange (Moldova, France, the Netherlands, Belgium)
Directed by Otilia Barbara

Special Mention:
Plai. A Mountain Path (Ukraine)
Directed by Eva Dzhyshyashvili

Silver Eye Award – Short Documentaries:
Avitaminosis (Ukraine, Czech Republic)
Directed by Kateryna Ruzhyna

Best Festival Poster – Audience Award:
Taiwan International Documentary Festival 2022

Best Festival Poster – Festival Identity Award:
DokuFest International Documentary and Short Film Festival


Ji.hlava New Visions Award 2022 for Most Promising European Project:
Forest (Poland)
Directed by Lidia Duda

Ji.hlava New Visions Award 2022 for Most Promising U.S. Project:
Recording Mary (USA, Columbia)
Directed by Czech Republic

DAFilms.com Award:
Sinnermen (Croatia)
Directed by Aleš Suk

#Docs Connect Taskovski Training Award:
Forest (Poland)
Directed by Lidia Duda

Cannes Docs - Marché du Film Award:
Click the Link Below (Germany, Norway, UK)
Directed by Audun Amundsen

EFM Award:
METRO 2022 (Ukraine)
Directed by Pavlo Dorohoi

DAE Award:
Red Skies (Portugal)
Directed by Marina Thomé

Click HERE for the press release about the winning films and HERE for the industry awards.

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