Bulgaria: More details on police operation against cryptocurrency company NEXO (update)

Bulgaria: More details on police operation against cryptocurrency company NEXO (update)

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spokesman for Bulgarian Prosecutor General Sika Mileva and head of the “Cybercrime” department Svetlio Vasilev informed about the special Proceeding Against the Prosecutor’s Office, the National Investigation Service, the State Security Service and the Ministry of the Interior cryptocurrency company nexo,

,The main organizers and activities are in Bulgaria. 300 people working on it Proceeding, 35 investigators, employees of the National Security Service, the Gendarmerie and the Sofia Police. The pre-trial proceedings are under the supervision of the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office.said a spokesman for chief prosecutor Sika Mileva.

Sika Mileva pointed out that over the past 5 years, $94 billion worth of business has passed through the platform. He said that among the clients of the platform is a person who finances terrorist activities.

,a client of the platform who moved cryptocurrency Officially declared the organizer of terrorist activity. It has yet to be determined who will be charged with the crimes. Searching for more than 15 addresses, and setting up new persons of interest”commented Svetlio Vasiliev.

nexo Contact with in Sofia (Obnovna)”

nexo Contact with in Sofia (Obnovna)”

international Proceeding BNT reported today that a massive crackdown against Russia for financial crimes, money laundering and violation of international sanctions is taking place in Sofia.

Prosecutors, investigators from the National Investigation Agency and SANS staff, along with foreign agents, have launched a search Bulgarian Company offices that deal in cryptocurrencies around the world.

nexooperated from Bulgarian capital, and depositors were invited to invest in bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies with the promise of high returns.

The prosecutor’s office also indicated that more than 3.6 million transactions took place. nexofew of them “With risky players on the stock exchange.“More details will be given tomorrow since the data Proceeding will be summarized. At the moment, the prosecutor’s office indicated that it was a “serious plan,

In a series of posts on “Twitter”, nexo Notes the measures they are taking against the prevention of money laundering. also said that “uUnfortunately, some regulators have adopted a red-first, ask-letter approach,In corrupt countries, this amounts to fraud, but this too shall pass.,” said one of the posts. nexo noted that they have always been cooperative with watchdogs and regulators, adding that they look forward to announcing “hot news” in the coming weeks.

After the start of the horrific war in Ukraine, the first order of business was to help fundraise for those affected
the second, of course, was to comply with the sanctions, and nexo Here took one of the most aggressive methods. 5/

, nexo ,nexo, January 12, 2023

nexo It was founded and managed by Bulgarian Costa Kanchev and Antoni Trenchev (former MP from the Reform Bloc political association). The business of the company, which was founded in 2017, is related to raising crypto-assets on deposits, on which it pays interest, and providing loans against collateral.

in September, Bulgarian Media “Capital” wrote that the state of New York has filed a lawsuit against nexo crypto platform. Officially, the indictment states that it “Illegal operations and defrauding investorsAt the same time, seven more US states announced legal action against Nexo. California, Vermont, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Washington, South Carolina and Maryland ordered the company to stop offering its custodial product in their regions.

Read more about Police Proceeding against nexo Here,

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