Body Language Expert Says Kate Middleton Showed No Signs of Ego During Ukrainian Centre Visit

Body Language Expert Says Kate Middleton Showed No Signs of Ego During Ukrainian Centre Visit

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An expert analyzed Kate Middleton’s body language during her visit to the Reading Ukrainian Community Centre and found her gestures and expressions revealing. The expert pointed out how the Princess of Wales didn’t show any signs of ego and appeared to be “relaxed.” Kate Middleton body language shows no ego during visit to Reading Ukrainian Community CentreKate Middleton | Paul Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Kate Middleton visited the Reading Ukrainian Community Centre

On Nov. 17, Kate visited the Reading Ukrainian Community Centre, noting upon her arrival, “It is amazing to see the work being carried out and lots of people are coming out to support the Ukrainians here.”

She was presented with traditional Ukrainian welcome gifts of bread and salt. The center’s deputy chairman told her, “The whole of Britain has been really good and we are eternally grateful.”

Kate responded, “Considering the trauma families are experiencing on a day-to-day basis, having a community center like this provides a lifeline and opportunity.”

She met with displaced Ukrainian families in attendance, telling them, “It’s still all going on and you have loved ones and family in Ukraine —they still see the horrors of war every day.”

Kate noted she was “impressed” with their “bravery and resilience,” adding, “I am overwhelmed by how strong you all are.”

Kate Middleton’s body language during the visit didn’t show any ‘ego-based charisma signals,’ expert says

Body language expert Judi James told Express that Kate’s gestures and expressions showed she was “relaxed” and exhibited “respect” for the people she spoke with.

James explained, “Kate’s body language here would be defined as response-based charismatic. Royals and celebrities often use ego-based charisma signals where they arrive showing high-ranking rituals of fame and status but Kate arrives looking so delighted to see and meet with her hosts that she makes them look like the important people in the transaction.”

The body language expert continued, “She does this by her open-mouthed hail of greeting, rather than the traditional royal smile of being greeted, and her eyes-down smile of thanks and the way she tucks her bag under her arm as she receives the tray with both hands.”

James added, “It’s a relaxed and more compliant approach that registers respect for the people she is meeting and the plight of their country.”

The Princess of Wales is visiting the Ukrainian Community Centre in the town of her birth, Reading, to meet refugees and learn about the support they have been receiving. Kate is working with Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska to provide mental health support to Ukrainians.— Richard Palmer (@RoyalReporter) November 17, 2022

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The Princess of Wales consoled a mother during the visit

Kate consoled a woman who broke down in tears as she shared her story of fleeing Ukraine with her three-year-old son and mother, leaving her husband who was fighting on the front line.

The woman apologized, prompting Kate to say, “It’s understandable everything you have experienced. I wish we could do more.”

The Mirror reports that the woman explained later, “I told her how horrible and difficult it was. We had to make a decision very quickly. We only took some shirts and trousers and left.”

The woman added, “It was very easy talking to her, she has a big heart. She tried to make me feel better and said everything was all right and said here we can get a job and live because we can’t go back to Ukraine.”

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