Biden says Polish missile strikes “unlikely” launched from Russia

Biden says Polish missile strikes “unlikely” launched from Russia

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On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden said it was “unlikely” that a missile strike would be launched on Poland kicked off Russia, speaking after emergency talks with allies in Bali about deadly attack.

Biden met with G7 and NATO partners Wednesday, hours After the strike that killed two people people in Polish village near the border with Ukraine.

“we have agreed on support “Poland’s investigation into the explosion,” Biden told reporters after the hastily arranged meeting. on Sidelines of The G-20.

“We’re going to do it sure We are the number out Exactly what happened…and then we’ll determine collectively next step. “

Asked if the missile was launched from Russia, Biden said it was “preliminary.” information that contests that.”

“It’s unlikely…that it was launched from Russia. But we’ll see.”

bang in Poland, a NATO member, immediately raised concerns that the alliance might do so drawn directly In the war of Russia, which lasted almost nine months against Ukraine supported by the West.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, also in “It’s absolutely necessary,” Paley warned avoid War escalation in Ukraine”.

Polish President Andrzej Duda also He urged calm, saying there was no “conclusive evidence”. of Where did the missile come from, and that he saw it as an “isolated” incident.

“Nothing to indicate us that he will be there more,” He said.

The French presidency urged “extreme caution”. on the origin of strike with a official says a lot countries It has the same missiles and warning of The big stakes of escalation.”

‘slaps in The face”

Poland is now expected to request urgent consultations under Article 4 of NATO treaty, which is invoked when a member feels that its “territorial integrity, political independence or security” is risk.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was quick to blame Moscow for What he called a “Russian missile.” terror. “

The incident came after Russia launched a wave of Missile strikes across Ukraine on Tuesday it left millions of families without power.

Biden on Wednesday described those attacks as “barbaric” and Zelensky described them as a “slap”. in The face” for The G-20.

Conflict dominated the summit in ukraine, with Individuals struggling to find common a land on Russia invasion of her neighbor.

In a joint statement issued Wednesday, the leaders came together to condemn the effects of the war but remained divided on Blame distribution.

But the summit showed that even Russia’s allies have limited patience with A conflict that has inflated food and energy prices around the world and raised the specter of nuclear war.

All members signed, including Russia off on A line that says “War in Ukraine “- which Moscow rejects call War – “negatively affected me global economy. “

and Moscow also agreed that use or threat of use of Nuclear weapons “became unacceptable” months later of President Vladimir Putin makes such threats.

Not a political forum

Russia’s G-20 allies China, India and South Africa have so far refrained from publicly criticizing Putin’s war, and the statement is riveting. with Diplomatic nonsense.

He. She says Most of the members strongly condemned the war in Ukraine, “but adds That there are “other opinions and assessments”.

avoid gathering putin, instead Sending his feisty Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who left Summit on Tuesday night, skip final day of talks.

The United States and its allies used the summit to expand coalition against Russia invasion Moscow Claims Sketch of war of East vs. West.

Meanwhile, host country Indonesia has walked a tightrope, eager to end its G20 presidency with relative victory of Joint statement of the broken group.

she has declined To criticize Russia, Zelensky invited to make a speech at the summit, including with Tuesday speech in He urged the leaders to end the war and “save thousands.” of spirits.”

In the final session Wednesday, Indonesian President Joko Widodo also He appealed to the peers to “stop the war,” saying that the conflict would prevent A.J global recovery.

But he dodged questions about the conflict while wandering with Leaders in the mangrove forest hours After the strike of Poland and Russia latest Waved of attacks in Ukraine.

The G20 is an economic forum financial A forum, a diplomatic forum, not a political one. So here we are talking about economy,” he told reporters.

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